The UK MOT Test A Vehicle Destroyer

Every working day in the UK, hundreds of vehicles have their annual MOT test, most will pass, some will fail but with some additional work will continue to be someone’s daily transport. But some will face a repair bill, that will mean these vehicles will have come to the end of their life and will be heading to a breakers yard.

It is not that these vehicles cannot be saved, it is more that there is an abundance of cars available in the UK, so cheap to buy with an MOT, that it becomes uneconomical to repair. Often it is better and easier to replace the vehicle with one, that is in better condition without the garage bills.

At the same time, owners are now in a position where there are trying to sell their now scrap car and looking for someone, or some company that will buy their mot failure. Read more

The good news is, there are an abundance of breaker yards prepared to do just that, the bad news is that End of Life vehicle, just like any other product or service are priced based on supply and demand. A MOT failure can be both worth a good deal of money, or worth nothing more than its scrap metal value in weight.

Its demand is based on the spare parts, this donor vehicle can provide and how many other similar models there are in other breaker yards around the UK. Certain engines can be worth as much as the car if in demand, some are only worth its weight in metal. Clearly if other parts of the vehicle have been kept in good condition or have been replaced at some time, this can enhance the vehicles value. (For example, a reconditioned gearbox or interior).

The best way to identify the value our vehicle, is to visit sites like Ebay, to see how much the parts within the car are worth and how many posts their are. If there are an abundance of the same parts at a low price, then this is a hint that vehicle will not get top price. Of course, you also need to allow the breakers yard some profit within their ads. So often the best solution is to just get on the phone and ask, different vehicle will be worth to certain yards, so shopping around car be very lucrative.

Some dealers will export the UK MOT Failure to another country such as those in the African continent, where an old car, rather than here in the UK, is seen in more favourable terms, and where its condition and safety rules are less important. Some vehicles can go on for many more years, even decades, especially where there is lots if sun, making rust a thing of the past