Tips for Selecting Auto Repair Shops

Taking your vehicle in for servicing is a great leap of faith. Given that there is a huge number of car repair shops out there that give substandard services, it’s vital to take some time before you settle on a service you’re sure won’t let you down either by doing a shoddy job or making huge mistakes that result in more costs. Having a formula that guides your selection process can make the selection much easier as you will know just what you want. If you’re looking for a BMW service in Chelmsford, here are some of the factors you need to look out for.

Good recommendations

Good recommendations should never be underestimated as they may save you a load of avoidable problems. Try to make inquiries among your friends and family about their experiences with the different car service shops in your locality and which ones provided outstanding work and customer service. You should only consider repair shops that score highly on both counts. Find out here, Auto Repair shop near me.


While looking for experience can seem like the most natural thing to consider, there is much more to it. Well, it’s one thing for a car repair service to be in business for 30 years and another for a mechanic to have serviced cars in the same period of time. The length of time a repair business has existed doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s a reliable business as it could have had lots of mechanics in that time frame. Instead, you’ll be much more confident dealing with a mechanic with 30 years experience because you’re certain he knows what he’s doing and has seen everything.

Good online reviews

If recommendations from your friends and family are not enough, then you should go online and look for highly-rated car repair shops. Just look for the best blog. Pay extra attention to customer reviews as their information can be more reliable.

Clean and well-organized

Considering the amount of grease they handle, finding a clean repair shop is practically impossible. Then again, it’s vital that car repair shops maintain a good level of organization and cleanliness, rather than be messy and filthy. You can be sure that an organized, clean shop won’t use wrong parts or lose any parts. You also can comfortably wait as your car is serviced.

Fair prices

Too low prices raise questions about the service quality you’ll get. On the other hand, very high prices are needless as you could get similar services for much less and save some money. You should look for quality services that are also affordable. Create a list of good car repair services and compare their rates. Then choose one with fair prices.

Does the service have certified technicians?

Qualifications and certifications indicate professionalism as well as the company’s commitment to education and training.

Are customers treated and greeted in a respectful and friendly manner?

Many car repair businesses are good in customer satisfaction and service. A simple call to the repair business to ask about their services may give you an idea of how they handle customers.

Does the business offer a written estimate?

The business should prepare a written estimate for you before they begin any repairs on your vehicle.

Does the business provide a warranty?

Most car repair businesses provide a warranty on labor and parts and this warranty is often placed in the waiting bay or is provided in writing.

Does the repair business have references or satisfied customers you can contact?

Recommendations from your friends and family, as well as satisfied customers,  are useful for finding a good car repair service. Many car repair businesses have websites that you can check for extra information about the business and testimonials.

Ask lots of questions

Don’t be shy. Ask as many questions as you can. For example, you can ask how a certain technology works or why something needs repairs. As a customer, you need to be more informed about your car.

Check for warning signs

Lastly, taking your car in for repairs is something you need to very careful about. If a mechanic talks quickly, doesn’t face you or tries to ignore you, beware. The mechanic is either only interested in your money or is hiding something.