Benefits of buying an Electric Car

Even though electrical vehicles are not for everyone at the moment, this is likely to change as technology develops. It is expected that electric cars will soon be able to travel for longer distances and that there will be more models available.

In the future, it is very likely that more people will start to use electric cars as an alternative to petrol and diesel.

Different Types Of Electric Vehicle

There are a number of different types of electric vehicle. and it can be useful to know what the differences between these are.

Pure electric vehicles – These are cars that run solely on electricity and they have a battery that is stored within the vehicle. The Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe are two of the most popular models of this type of car.

Plug in hybrids – These cars have a battery but they also use petrol or diesel as well. They get the name plugin from the fact that they can be charged using mains electricity.

Extended range vehicles – These vehicles run off a battery which takes its power from an electric motor. A petrol engine can then be used to power the motor when the battery starts to run out.

We are now going to look at what the benefits of owning an electric vehicle are and for the rest of this article, we will be referring to pure electric vehicles.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Running An Electric Car?

Cheaper to run – The running costs of an electric car are much lower than those that use petrol or diesel. Purchasing petrol or diesel can be three times more expensive than charging an electric car. If you are looking at buying an electric car, then the dealer will be able to give you a breakdown of the possible savings. There are also a number of online calculators that you can use.

Cheaper to maintain – Electric cars do not have engines with so many components as cars that run on fuel. They also do not have an exhaust system. Fewer components mean that there is less to go wrong with the car and so you may find that you do not have to spend as much on repairs. They also do not need servicing as often as petrol and diesel cars.

Better for the environment – Electric cars are much better for the environment because they do not rely on the use of fossil fuels. They also produce zero emissions which help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Making use of renewable energy – Renewable energy can be used to produce the electricity that powers electric cars which make them even better for the environment. If you have a solar PV system then this can be used to charge your car during the day so you are not relying on electricity from the grid.

Using eco-friendly materials – The materials that are used to produce electric cars are also more likely to be better for the environment. Ford and Nissan both use recycled materials for parts of the interior and exterior of their electric cars.

Health benefits – Electric cars do not produce exhaust emissions and so this improves the air quality which can have health benefits for many people. There is also less noise pollution because electric cars make less sound when they are running.

Safer cars – Tests have shown that electric cars have a lower centre of gravity which means they are less likely to roll over if they are in an accident. They are also less likely to catch fire and explode.

Makes use of UK energy – Over half of the petrol and diesel that is used in the UK is imported from overseas. This means we are very reliant on other countries to keep cars powered by fuel on the road. This is not the case with electric cars because they can be powered with electricity that is produced in the UK.