Ways To Make Money With Junk Cars

In some parts of the country, once you get outside of the city limits, it’s not uncommon to spot yards with old abandoned cars sitting in them. Most people just put up with their presence because they have no clue how to get rid of these eyesores. But here are 3 ways you can make money with junk cars! You may not get rich, but these techniques will put money in your pocket.

Method 1. If the car is a later model, then it has more value than just for scrap iron. Salvage yards across the country actively seek out cars to refresh their inventory of used car parts. It’s a huge business. There are people that do nothing other than driving around looking for old cars, stopping and talking to the owners and securing these vehicles.

They then contact a local salvage yard, work out a price for the car and the salvage yard sends out a wrecker to pick the car up. When the wrecker arrives, he hands the person who owns the car cold hard cash, loads the car then drives away. Once it gets back to the salvage yard, it will be put into inventory where the used parts will be sold. This is how the cash for cars Tulsa program works.

Method 2. With this method, you basically become the salvage yard. You obtain the car from the owner. Once you own it, you go to Facebook groups or Craigslist and list the vehicle as for parts only. Many people disregard this method because they falsely believe that “nobody would want parts off this old car.” Well, they are wrong. And usually, the older the car, the more valuable the parts on it!

Another outlet where these people sell the used car parts is eBay. They’ll remove parts like the alternators, water pumps, brakes, injectors, etc and list them for sale on eBay. This is a very profitable venture if you have an old car in good shape!

Method 3. This is probably the easiest way to make money with old cars. With this method, you won’t be actually selling anything. You’ll be donating it! People who use this method will generally look for cars that people just want out of their yard. These people will freely give the cars away if you’ll just come to get it!

Once they have the car in their possession, they then call up a charity to come to get it. The charity partners with a local towing company and sends out a driver to pick the car up. The charity then gives you a receipt for the car. Sometimes they will put the ‘guestimated’ value of the car on the receipt, but many times they don’t.

They leave it up to you to ‘guestimate’ how much you think the car was worth! No, while this isn’t a direct way to make money with junk cars, saving you tax dollars you would have otherwise paid to the taxman is just as good, if not better than, selling the car for parts or scrap iron!

So you see, making money with junk cars is easy. The hardest part if finding these old cars. I’m betting if you take a drive out in the country or put some “wanted” ads out on Craigslist or Facebook, you’ll start getting calls from people wanting to get rid of their old junk cars!